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Name That Trail!

How important is the name or brand of a trail network? Well critical if we want folks to use and support a trail. This is why the recent, well 2021 but COVID does seem to make the past two years a blur, change in the name of our national trail network is so important.

In 2016 Trans Canada Trail national changed the name of our national trail to “The Great Trail” without any consultation with local trail operators/owners including the Path of the Paddle Association. After the name change we, along with all trail organizations, dutifully replaced the Trans Canada Trail signs with the new Great Trail logos. A lot of work!

Fast forward to 2021, and yes Trans Canada Trail National once again changed the trail name without consulting us or any other trail operators. However, this time the change made sense – new name “Trans Canada Trail”. A new logo, but the original name. A name that was close to many folk’s hearts and truly spoke of the scale and scope of this incredible trail and example of communities coming together to create something special.

For more on the name change, visit:

Like all trail operators, Path of the Paddle Association staff and volunteers will be rebranding our trail as the Trans Canada Trail this summer and fall. Keep an eye out for the new signs.


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