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Follow along with David Jackson and his team while they travel the complete 1,183km trail from end-to-end!


Beginning on the west end of the path in Whiteshell Provincial Park, they will launch their month-long journey on July 5th, 2022. Updates from their journey will be posted here, and on our social pages!

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Final Stretch

August 5, 2022

“Starting in Whiteshell PP meant going up river for 27 days in the Arctic watershed until finally crossing from North Lake into South Lake and the Atlantic watershed. The first evening over the height of land we watched as the hues of summer slowly faded across the geography of Lake Superior country, the region of home for Leah and I. It all meant the end of trip was near, but not before a date with the big lake. To all who have helped us along the way, thank you!”

- David

August 5 - Final Stretch
July 31 - Friendly Faces

Friendly Faces

July 31, 2022

“There's no better way to enter Quetico Provincial Park than spending a night at @voyageurwilderness with stories from Michelle Savoie and there's no better way to leave the park than a day paddling with the legendary warden Chris Stromberg [@heartofthecontinent] . We moved fast through so many falls and were awe struck by some of the charred scenery of last year's fire stricken summer in NWO. The teams over the height of the land and looking at a windy Lake Superior. More to come... hopefully less rain, storms, and wind.”

- David

July 24 - Atikokan Dispatch

Atikokan Dispatch

July 24, 2022

Nestled into a cedar grove on Gawjewiagwa Lake with a dense canopy of green forest above and the incessant hum of bugs all around, the flash of lightning wouldn’t stop. In our tents we all sweat in the stale humidity hoping for it soon to break. As the lights flashed brighter, the booms grew closer until the bang and flash were synchronized. The wind began in an instant, breaking the heat, chasing the bugs to their dens and sending me running from the tent to double check the battening job we had done of our precious canoes and gear, this storm would surely hit with a roar and to lose essential tools would be disastrous. From the shelter of the trees I could hear Branwen and Leah talking over the roar between tents, and in the cooled air and the fury of a storm seconds before it hit, I had to smile. For days we had been a blur of motion, four bodies moving themselves and gear across a benevolent land, and this storm marked the beginning of a pattern that would rock our worlds for the week to come...

July 23 - Slow and Steady (Video)

Slow and Steady

July 23, 2022

Slow and steady like a turtle on the Maukinak Trail, Path of the Paddle.

July 22 - Trans Canada Trail

Trans Canada Trail

July 22, 2022

Summer Travels on Path of the Paddle

Northwestern Ontario is a hub for canoeists looking to challenge themselves and experience the solitude of a wild landscape that is mazed by rivers, creeks, lakes and the portages between. While the possibilities for trips are seemingly limitless, there’s one line in particular that stands out – Path of the Paddle (POP). For 1,000 km, the POP navigates across quintessential canoe country, a region of gin-clear waters, intimate creeks, abundant wildlife, labyrinth lakes and powerful rivers. The best thing is that this scenic, wild route is part of the Trans Canada Trail...

July 20 - Weathering the Storm

Weathering The Storm

July 20, 2022

For those who have expressed their concerns for our team of paddlers and the recent storms, we’ve made contact with David today via Inreach. Here’s what he had to say:

“Storms have been full on and relentless. Tough conditions. Semi wind bound right now, but trying to get the ports off here and keep moving!”

His crew is currently at Clearwater Lake, just outside of Atikokan. Soon they’ll be able to restock and recharge! Good luck, friends!

Listen In

July 15, 2022

"Promoting Path Of The Paddle In Northwest Region"


Dryden, ON, Canada / CKDR

Mike Ebbeling

July 15 - Listen In
July 13 - Vermillion Bay Dispatch

Vermillion Bay Dispatch

July 13, 2022

White tufts from Poplar Tree’s swirled in the hot Manitoba air while campers unloaded boats and kids splashed in the refreshing water. A sign for Whiteshell Provincial Park sat beside idle trailers and in a flurry of gear and sweat we all gave a big hug to our shuttle driver, Linda, from Quetico North Outfitters, who we had dubbed the road warrior for her willingness to tackle a 1,000km day to get us to the beginning of a dream. As her van pulled away, we busied ourselves packing loose items into giant Ostrom Portage packs and we unfurled large stickers that would adorn one canoe. As we removed the paper and draped on the adhesive surface, peeling back the final layer, we smiled at what remained on the bow and stern in lovely letters, Path of the Paddle, the namesake of our existence for the month ahead...

July 10 - High Waters (Video)

High Waters

July 10, 2022

Goosebberry picking and problem solving while going up a very flooded Winnipeg River on the Iinoo Oowan Trail, Path of the Paddle. 

July 9 - Good as new!

Good as new!

July 9, 2022

Path of the Paddles Souris River canoe lives on for another adventure with a lovely touch up by Garth Gillis of Kenora and some fresh stickers from Dutka Signs in Atikokan. A moment from minutes before the trip adding the final touches to the canoe in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

July 8 - Peace from the Winnipeg River (Video)

Peace from the Winnipeg River. 

July 8, 2022

July 5 - And they're off!

And they're off!

July 5, 2022

On July 5th, a team of four paddlers were shuttled from Atikokan, On, by Linda at Quetico North, who is Northwestern Ontario's loveliest road warrior, to Whiteshell, Manitoba. The team is spending the next 30 days canoeing 1000km to Thunder Bay, travelling the length of Path of the Paddle to document the trails beauty, update signage for the Trans Canada Trail, and test new maps which cover in detail the entire route.


These photos are moments from the first few days as the journey began on the Iinoo Oowan Trail, follow along here for more stories from @davidjackson_ as the team works their way east in a region best described as a paddlers paradise. 

June 23 -

June 23, 2022

THUNDER BAY — David Jackson will head out on July 4 for a month-long, 1,100 kilometre canoe expedition from Manitoba to Thunder Bay.


He's part of a small group assigned to a mapping project.


They'll be verifying the accuracy of preliminary information that's been collected for producing new, more detailed maps of the paddling route.


It's a process called ground truthing. 


Jackson, who lives in Red Rock, is a coordinator with the Path of the Paddle Association, the volunteer organization that maintains the water segment of the Trans Canada Trail (also known as The Great Trail) through Northwestern Ontario...


Cheer them on!

Send the paddlers words of encouragement and follow along on their journey! 

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