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Kenora Grand Opening Celebrations!

Over 60 people participated in the Grand Opening ceremony for the Trans Canada Trail and Path of the Paddle on August 26th, 2017 at Anicinabe Park in Kenora. Approximately 30 people walked, ran, cycled or paddler from Keewatin Memorial Arena to the Park for the ceremony

Off to Walk/run, cycle or paddle to Anicinabe Park for the Grand Opening ceremony. (Photo: POPA)
Kenora Board Members Michael Reynolds, Gail Row & Robert Onysko (left to right) cutting the cake. (Photo: POPA)

The Path of the Paddle, a 1,200 kilometer water trail for canoes and kayaks, is unique to the Trans Canada Trail. “Most of the Trans Canada Trail is land based hiking and walking trails except for Northwestern Ontario, which now has a significant water trail,” said Bob Onysko, chair of the Kenora Regional Trail Committee for Path of the Paddle.

Many benefits for community members along the Path of the Paddle was noted by local dignitaries, including how it promotes healthy lifestyles and increases navigability to historic waterways once again. Local dignitaries included the Kenora Mètis Council/Mètis Nation of Ontario Senator Karen Cederwall, Mayor Dave Canfiield, Trans Canada Trails Ontario board member Betty Wires and Kenora city councillor Sharon Smith to name a few.

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