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Though we generally rely on dedicated volunteers to support our Association, we occasionally receive funding to hire full/part-time employees and contract workers.

Posted October 5, 2021


The Path of the Paddle Association (POPA) is seeking a part-time coordinator in a contract position, funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

POPA is a not-for-profit organization that oversees the management and promotion of a network of water trails through Northwestern Ontario as part of the Trans Canada Trail joining the communities of Kenora, Dryden, Atikokan, and Neebing (Thunder Bay).  Trans Canada Trail opened in 2017 as a legacy for Canadians and engages outdoor enthusiasts, visitors and communities. 


Incorporated in 2013, POPA’s Board of Directors represent the interests of Regional Trail Committees (RTC’s) in the identified communities who volunteer to develop and maintain the paddle, canoe, and kayak routes. POPA engages partners, accesses funding sources and generates revenue required for trail development projects and marketing campaigns and oversees the development of the Path of the Paddle brand, website, promotional materials, events and media releases.


RTC’s in each community engage in events and activities to promote use of the trails and provide information for planning trips.



To enhance and sustain the Path of the Paddle, Trans Canada Trail section from Thunder Bay to Manitoba for diverse trail users who paddle and portage.



As a wilderness segment of Trans Canada Trail, the Path of the Paddle will be recognized as a world-class trail network connecting waterways, municipalities and Indigenous communities across Northwestern Ontario, providing a recreational relationship with nature, history and culture for people of all ages and abilities, for generations.

Path of the Paddle Association has been successful in attaining a Community Building Fund grant thanks to the support of the Province of Ontario and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. This grant allows the organization to contract a part time coordinator for 10 months beginning November 1, 2021.

Responsibilities of the Coordinator


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 


  1. Trail Maintenance: Collaborates to ensure ongoing trail maintenance.

    • Work with Regional Trail Committees, volunteers, Board and contractors to ensure that all campsites (179) and portages (134) on all 1,100km Path of the Paddle routes are established, signed, documented and maintained.

    • Communicate and nurture relationships with landowners, including Indigenous and Metis communities, municipalities, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry including Ontario Parks and private landowners.

    • Ensure the route is always precisely portrayed in Land Information Ontario.

  2. Board Governance: Works with Board to fulfill the organization mission. 

    • Responsible for leading Path of the Paddle in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors.

    • Responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and make informed decisions.

  3. Financial Performance and Viability: Develops resources sufficient to ensure the financial health of the organization.

    • Responsible for the fiscal integrity of Path of the Paddle, to include administering and accounting for POPA’s funds and submission to the Board of monthly financial statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization.

    • Responsible for the fiscal management that generally anticipates operating within the approved budget, ensures effective resource utilization, and maintenance of the organization in a positive financial position.

    • Responsible for fundraising, including grant writing and reporting, and developing other resources necessary to support Path of the Paddle’s mission.

  4. Organization Mission and Strategy: Works with Board and staff to ensure that the mission is fulfilled through initiatives, strategic planning and community outreach.

    • Responsible to guide implementation of the strategic plan to ensure that Path of the Paddle can successfully fulfill its Mission into the future.

    • Identify, write, implement, monitor and report on grants.

    • Work with municipalities to raise the profile of the trail and to maintain areas of municipal interest.

    • You can find POPA's Strategic Plan here

  5. Brand Awareness and Marketing: Works with contractors and partners to ensure enhanced awareness of POPA. 

    • Responsible for the enhancement of Path of the Paddle’s brand and image by being active and visible in the communities, through website and social media and by working closely with other professional, civic and private organizations, particularly regional tourism development and marketing organizations – Destination Northern Ontario, Sunset Country, Tourism Thunder Bay, Superior Country.

    • Raise the profile of Trans Canada Trail in Northwestern Ontario and POPA’s portion of it through co-branding with TCT and TCTO.

  6. Organization Operations: Oversees and manages the use of human and financial resources to ensure that the operations of the organization are appropriate.

    • Responsible for effective administration of Path of the Paddle’s Day to day operations.

    • Responsible for the hiring and retention of competent, qualified contractors, as funds permit.

    • Responsible for risk management for field contractors and volunteers.

    • Work with volunteers to support their meaningful engagement with the organization and provide appropriate support and recognition.

    • Work with Wilderness Trail Stewards, contractors and volunteers by providing logistical support, amplifying their communications work to raise the profile of POPA and improving route information.

  7. Relationships and Partnerships: Establish effective working relationships.

    • Work effectively with TCT and TCTO to optimize the support that POPA receives from these organizations.

    • Build supportive connections and relationships with regional partners:  municipalities, Indigenous communities, tourism development and marketing organizations, others.

  8. Maps and Information Products: Coordinate the distribution of maps and the development of information products.

    • Coordinate distribution of the map through retail outlets and other methods.

    • Coordinate the development of an on-line approach to route information, audio-visual tools.

    • As appropriate work with the Board on approaches for specific route information products and guidebooks.



  • A bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in education and experience.

  • Transparent and high integrity leadership.

  • An enthusiasm for outdoor recreation, experience in tourism promotion and an understanding of backcountry canoe and kayak tripping.

  • Experience in not-for-profit management.

  • Solid, hands-on, budget management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making and reporting.

  • Strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation.

  • Ability to convey a vision of Path of the Paddle’s strategic future to staff, board, volunteers and partners.

  • Knowledge of fundraising strategies and grant management unique to the not-for-profit sector.

  • Skills to collaborate with and motivate Board members and other volunteers

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Ability to interface and engage diverse groups of volunteers, partners and stakeholders.

  • Demonstrated ability to oversee and collaborate with staff.

  • Strong public speaking ability.

Position: Coordinator 

Contract: $24,000 for 10 month part time with an opportunity for extension. 

Closing Date: October 18, 2021 11:59pm 

Starting date: November 1, 2021

This is an independent contractor position. You will need your own workspace and office equipment. Meetings are currently held virtually. 

To Apply: 

1. Resume

2. Cover Letter

3. Three references (upon request)


Email application package and send all inquiries to: 


Cover Letters should be addressed to: 

Path of the Paddle Association 

Attention: Ember McKillop Board Chair 


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