Travel Planning on the Omimi Trail

La Verendrye Provincial Park 100km


The trail follows close to the Ontario-Minnesota border and is surrounded by protected spaces on both sides. This unspoiled section of wilderness offers a wilderness experience nearby the city of Thunder Bay. The trail includes river paddling as well as open water on lakes such as Gunflint and South without having to traverse vast, unforgiving lakes. Scenery includes waterfalls such as Partridge Falls and Middle Falls as well as north facing cliffs. The area draws day visitors and overnight guests locally from both sides of the Ontario-Minnesota border as well as destinations canoeists from further away. Angling and wildlife viewing are popular activities associated with paddling in La Verendrye.

Collectively, there are fifteen kilometres of trails along this route. This is due to the rugged nature of the landscape, and the geo-fluvial configuration (Height of Land). Most of the trails are well established but some less used, particularly those trails residing on Canadian soil.

Trails on the American side, as part of the Superior National Forest trail system, are generally in good shape, cleared of deadfalls with puncheons (low boardwalks) over wet areas

The renowned Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) abuts the Trail in its entirety.

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